2. By the way – Why are we fucked?

So. I’m reading this book in Swedish. I have not set the language settings on this computer yet. Anyway. I read the description of this book, at the back. This book is really loaded with a lots of information, good information, like how can design change everything?

Well. In the start of a design procedure, there is the place to start thinking green, or fair trade or vegan. So when the product is for sale, or gone through different paths in the logistic procedure, it’s already to late. The damage is done. But if we start from the beginning, when the design procedure is to be made and decisions are to be made, there are some powerful things we can use, to make design and products more sustainable.

”FT” or Fair Trade for example: Some people mean that it’s some kind of charity, but it’s not. FT works with companies abroad, to make sure people that struggle, wont be used as slaves in sweatshops. Boundaries are made: Children should go to school and not be enslaved in sweatshops. I think the design in sustainability can do a lot’s of things. What do You think?

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