Vegan Wash

I think the vegans 🥑 they tryed. . . And got success, look: Now all of the Industry is trying to sell stuff, to vegans! Ok? So. We have got the power actually, in Business Books, B2B they tell: Byers are being picky ”and that’s a problem”. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! We are picky and that is not a fucking problem! The Kapitalistic system, they have not even started. They sell ”Green Coca Cola”, do you really want theese vegan fake products? LOLThere are, human rights defenders that say 8 of 10 of the ”vegan” or ”ecological” companies, are totally bullshitying people. Vegan and Green Wash all over the place! So. What do we do? Just go on go plant based. The climate activists, can do and follow.We need to be picky, and ask 4 exemple of H&M: How come they have killed people, in areas in Ethiopia to be able to grow ”ecoliscious” collection? I mean theese things we actually, see in front of our eyes, man?

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