FT & CE (Fair Trade & Cirkulär ekonomi)

I wanted to talk about something that I find interesting: FT as if Fair Trade, began in a very smal pase. Global business, wants now to become FT, Fair Trade. Isn´t that funny?! Nobody believed in Fair Trade, at first, but now we are a big company, battling child abuse as child slaves, and giving the farmers the income that they diverse. It´s not about Charity. Charity never changes nothing. But ok, there is some kind of charity that makes difference, but not all. FT is about giving people what they need to be able to let their children go to school, and use education as a way to support prosperity in the poor countries.

So what is CE – Circular Economy?

It is a way to change the industry, so we can use and reuse, for example, there is a problem with the batteries, we don´t have place to leave garbage, but we can absolutely reuse the components of old batteries, to make new. It is possible and it´s being done as we speak. Support my site, and Web Shop. i´m good.